Luna Lechuza

Hello! I am Luna Lechuza, formally known as the Lunar Owl, at your service!
I am a film & animation graduate who has settled down to more story creating and illustrating; currently studying to become a veterinary technician (quite a jump, I know). My passion is still in art, however, and my wish is to make my stories and artwork a much larger part of my life. I appreciate all the support I get!

My favorite franchises are definitely Splatoon and Pokemon. But I am known to dabble in other genres such as PMMM, Helluva Boss, MLP, Soul Eater, Kirby, and Hollow Knight.

From stories I've been hanging onto for years to the few I've created with friends.. I want to share them all! Join me in my adventure to create all these comics, and maybe a few animations down the road ;v;
You can support me on Patreon for some sneak peeks on artwork and comics, discounted commissions, and watermark-free art!
(You can also support me on ko-fi, if you don't want that spare change, huhu)

Favorite pieces!

Commission Samples

Commissions Page!

I. General Terms
➤ You are purchasing only the digital file. Not the printed art (exception for the canvas paintings: Pluto's Parfait).
➤ You will receive a full resolution picture without the watermark; and a smaller resolution, watermarked copy (for safely sharing on social media). Both copies will be signed.
➤ By purchasing any of my services, you’re automatically accepting my Terms of Service and being obligated to follow them.
➤ I, the artist, am allowed to decline a commission request without disclosing the reason.

II. Copyrights and Permissions
I, the artist, hold every right to the produced artwork.
I may promote myself with it at any place or site. I have the right to sell prints of it, publish books with it, and to display it anywhere I wish.
The commissioner may not redistribute, edit, reproduce, repost without credit, make merchandise of, or otherwise profit from the commissioned work whether for real or digital currency.The commissioner is allowed to use the copyrighted artwork for personal use only unless it’s paid as a commercial work commission.For private commissions, there will be an extra 30% fee of the total price; I will respect this agreement and not use the piece publically.
If by any chance you wish to “un-private” that commission in the future, simply send me a message. However, there will be no refunds for the extra private fee
The following is considered Copyright infringement:
➤ Altering my artwork in any way without asking for permission before hand, with the exception of cropping/resizing the image for an icon or other use
➤ Use my artwork as references for your own, whether tracing or re-purposing parts of the image.
➤ Claiming the artwork as yours.
➤ Removing signatures
If these terms are broken, you will be privately blacklisted from commissioning me and reported.Commissions for Commercial Use
If you want to order an illustration for commercial use, there will be an additional charge.
What counts as commercial use:
➤ Using the commission as publicity, not the bulk of the project (X1.5 of total)
      ✦ Promotional material, CD covers, game assets, social media network, business cards, etc.
      ✦ as a secondary part of a product, i.e. art for sites like YouTube, Twitch, website decoration, etc.

➤ The commission is a primary component of a product & will be reproduced/sold (3x of total)
      ✦ i.e. stickers, pillows, postcards, merchandise, etc.
What doesn’t count as commercial use:
➤ using it as an icon/avatar in non-profit sites (ie, dA, twitter..)
➤ using it as a wallpaper
➤ printing for yourself (not for sales)

III. How to order
Please submit a filled form using this link (via Google Forms). Once I have been notified of the request, I will personally reach out to you to clarify commission details.
I understand that the menu names may be a little confusing when ordering. Worry not- the translated options are in subtext in the menus. You can order either way, through the dessert names, or the formal names.
➤ I will only start a commission after full payment has been received, unless I or the menu state otherwise.
➤ My preferred payment method are through PayPal, Zelle, or CashApp. There will be an additional $1 USD fee for the transaction fee if you choose to use PayPal.
➤ If you have a discount via Patreon, it is your responsibility to mention before payment. Anytime after, will be void.

IV. Workflow
Deadlines and waiting times
➤ I complete commissions at a first come, first serve method.
➤ Please consider that I am not a full-time artist (as much as I would love to be) and will need time to finish large orders.
➤ We can discuss deadlines, but I cannot guarantee that it will be met on its exact date
      ✦I work at my own pace and must be able to balance my day job, school, extracurriculars, and family without time constraint
Work in Progress (WIP)
➤ I will send you a screenshot of my progress as needed to make sure the details of your order are correct.
➤ You can always check xtiles to see the progression on your order.
➤ If I send a WIP to you and there is no response in 48 hours after I send the screenshot, it will be considered approved and I will move on to finish the piece.
Corrections and Revisions
➤ 3 free MINOR corrections/revisions can be done per commission
      ✦ Each extra change will be an additional 10% and must be sent prior to making these changes
➤ Changes allowed:
      ✦ Minor coloring/marking mistakes, missed detail
➤ Changes NOT allowed:
      ✦Outfit, posing, and/or background changes; anything that requires a full or partial redraw


Will Draw
      ✦ Ferals
      ✦ Gore
      ✦ Most Original Species
      ✦ Humans/Anthros/Furries
      ✦ Most Fanchises (ie Pokemon, MLP)


Will Not Draw
      ✦ Extreme Fetishes
      ✦ Mecha/robots
      ✦ Vore
      ✦ Extreme physical features
      ✦ NFT

V. Refunds and Declining Orders
➤ I, the artist, am allowed to decline a commission request without disclosing the reason.
➤ A full refund will be issued as long as the commission has not surpassed the sketch phase
➤ A partial refund will be given based on how much of the commission is finished (ie, if the commission is 40% done, you will get a 60% refund).
➤ You are welcome to ask for the unfinished product. I will send a signed copy.
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! Thank you!

Additional Commission InformationExceptions to Half Body and Full Body options
Exceptions and alterations can be made for non-humanoid or non-anthro characters. However, the commission must be discussed first as the original order, to see what details are preferred. I will personally offer the discount after details are fully discussed.
If you have a different commission in mind that is not available in my menu, or something similar-- please feel free to ask! I can give you a quote on your request and we can discuss further if desired.